Our Health portfolio covers six components including Maternal and child health, Non-communicable diseases (e.g. cancer, HIV-affected, leprosy affected, etc.), Health care support which includes physical health, mental health as well as disability support programs.

Our health portfolio, post COVID, is mostly around non-communicable diseases with a prioritization of cancer prevention and treatment. We have also focused on strengthening resources, including infrastructure of charitable hospitals.

Post COVID, we have also realized the needs to focus our strategies around Disaster Management including being Reactive, Responsive, providing Relief, Rehabilitation and considering Resilience. Building resilient communities through the build, back, better approach is our primary impetus.

Cancer Care & Prevention

Saptarishi Cancer Care Hospital

The project envisions building a state of the art hospital for cancer care and treatment in India for patients from economically marginalized sections.

  • Location

    Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

  • Target population

    Cancer patients from under-privileged families

  • Supported by

    OneStage UK

Cancer Prevention, Early detection & support

This project focusses on cancer awareness and conducting screening camps for breast, cervical and oral cancers.

  • Geographical Coverage

    Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

  • Target population

    General community, especially women

  • Supported by

    Astra Zeneca India Private Limited

Bringing primary level healthcare to door-steps

Mobile health vans

This project intends bringing primary level health care services to the doorsteps of the community through mobile health vans capacitated with all kinds of facilities and human resources including doctors and pharmacists. Primary health care is provided from the vans which includes basic treatment, first-aid care, awareness about health and hygiene maintenance and referral for further medical treatment.

  • Number of Mobile Vans


  • Geographical Coverage

    Pan India

  • Target population

    All community

  • People Coverage

    Any community member in need of primary healthcare.

  • Supported by

    Huawei Telecom India Pvt. Ltd.

Sustainable Employability for Young Adults Affected by Leprosy

This project supports skill building by providing technical education and offering livelihood opportunities in the form of job placements to young adults from leprosy affected families. This will ensure mainstreaming of them with the society.

  • Geographical Coverage

    Pune, Maharashtra

  • Target population

    Girl students

  • People Coverage

    All girl students of 1 school

  • Supported by

    SPX Flow


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