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Pooja, Female (8 years)

Pooja hails from Jharkhand. Her mother had a very tough life, as her father deserted them at an early age which compelled her mother to migrate to Gurugram along with her children in search of better livelihood. But COVID devastated their situation and further deteriorated their economic condition. Her mother had to struggle very hard to earn money and due to lack of support and supervision, Pooja and her siblings dropped out of school and remain without education. Pooja’s mother wanted all their children to get education so that they will not face any such situation where her mother is now.

Pooja narrates, “During a time of hopelessness, one aunty reached out to us and enquired about our situation. Her words gave us hope and comfort. They enrolled my mother for tailoring course and admitted us in the crèche. My brother and I are now getting education and meal in the centre. There are many children like us and I have made friends with most of them. I have received education materials and uniform. I am feeling good and hopeful to get admission in school soon. My mother will be very happy to see us going to school. Now she is very relieved and focusing on her work without worrying about us”.


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