Measuring Empowerment : The Importance of Indicators

"How could a woman’s agency and empowerment be best measured while taking into account local contexts and the various understandings of what constitutes empowerment? Women’s empowerment is typically mentioned as an aim or effect of projects focused on gender equity and discrimination. However it is rarely studied on its own, and largely discussed in terms that do not..."

Spaces for Agency: Analysing Individual Voice in Group Rights

"While India’s constitution enshrines the autonomy and rights of the diverse group constituting these populations, a question often emerges of how group rights can come into tension with individual rights. This raises the question of whether there are spaces for the individual to voice interests separate from the group. OneStage’s CEO Dr Nivedita Narain was a co-researcher on..."

Locating the Woman Farmer in India’s FPOs

"There remains limited understanding of the needs and experiences of women in agriculture, particularly in the policy sphere. It is estimated that women are responsible for 60–80% of food production in most developing countries. However, they are largely underrepresented in terms of participation and leadership of India’s farmer-producer organisations (FPO). Since these organisations are aimed at strengthening..."


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