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Sandeep was only 7 years old when he lost his mother. Soon after, his father too passed away after which Sandeep and his brother had no option but to come to Delhi to live with his Uncle. Both the brothers tried to support themselves with whatever work they could find. They were also physically tortured by their uncle who would take away the little money that they earned. Unable to cope with the growing physical abuse, Sandeep’s elder brother ran away to Mumbai leaving him alone with his Uncle. Scared and without help, Sandeep too decided run away and started living at the New Delhi Nizamuddin Railway Station.At a time when all hope seemed lost for young Sandeep, life took a turn for the better when CHETNA (Childhood Enhancement through Training & Action), an NGO which helps street children, took him under their care. They counselled and enrolled him to their NFE (Non Formal Education) program to prepare him for school admission. Sandeep showed a keen interest towards learning and progressed rapidly. Happy with his development and interest to start working, CHETNA enrolled Sandeep for a 45 day skill training in Housekeeping at GMR.

Today, 18 year old Sandeep is working in Gurgaon and in his spare time, continues his studies with CHETNA. He is now confident of a better life and helps other children like him. The timely intervention by CHETNA through the support of our donor contributions has helped him find a new purpose in life.

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