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Timely intervention helps a mother and daughter reunite

Divya lived with her husband and daughter, Priya, in Kovalam village of Kanchipuram district. One day, because of a domestic conflict she left home and took her three-year-old daughter with her. She found employment and a hut and for a while the duo managed to cope.

Gradually, the pressure of being a single parent started weighing on Divya and her mental health began deteriorating. She lost her job and home and ended up living with the child in a temple. As her situation worsened, based on a rescue call, Divya was picked up by The Banyan, a OneStage validated NGO, which rescues and rehabilitates mentally ill destitute women from the streets. She was taken to the Banyan Transit Care Centre for special care.

Priya went back to live with her father who had re-married. His new wife was unwilling to accept the child, who was neglected, made to sleep outside the house and was denied meals. When the abuse became physical, teachers from the local school stole her away and registered her in an orphanage under false pretenses to keep her safe.

Meanwhile, with regular treatment and care, Divya began to recover and spoke about her daughter. With the help of her caseworker, she was able to trace her daughter to the orphanage. A long legal battle ensued to prove Priya indeed belonged with her mother and the pair was finally reunited.

Mother-daughter now live in a rented house in Kovalam, along with two other homeless women who were also treated at the Banyan. Divya works at the nearby MGM amusement park and earns enough to pay rent and cover some of her household needs.

Thanks to Oracle India for supporting The Banyan through OneStage. These three women and seven children live together like a family and are strongly attached to each other. The difficult situations in life have brought them together, and have given these women a second life.

*The Banyan is a OneStage validated and supported NGO and is aided by our corporate partner ORACLE India. Through the support received, The Banyan has benefitted 500 people within the span of one year after receiving financial support of Rs.18, 61,404 from Oracle India through OneStage.


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