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Thomas’ Promising Steps Towards A New Milestone

Intellectually challenged, Thomas had delayed milestones early on in his childhood and was later diagnosed as mentally retarded with 75 % level disability. He was unruly, screamed a lot, broke things in the house and threw frequent tantrums. He was unable to speak or respond to even simple instructions. His mother went through a very difficult life with no support or money. With Thomas requiring constant care and monitoring, she could not take on any job since there was no one to look after Thomas. Having heard about Balajothi from her neighbor, she approached the NGO for employment as a domestic maid hoping she would be able to work and take care of Thomas at the same time. Not only was she given the job, she was also offered training as a caregiver and Thomas was admitted in the Centre. This was a major turning point for both Thomas and his mother.Thomas was provided with special education and therapy and has shown remarkable improvement ever since. He speaks well and is physically very active now. With Balajothi’s help, he was able to get a Disability Pension from the government. His mother is paid a decent salary with food and clothing for both of them and they are now able to live peacefully and comfortably.

“Balajothi offers hope and a new lease on life to people like us who struggle with their disabled children and don’t have the resources to support them. Balajothi’s home for disabled children is a blessing to parents who spend sleepless nights wondering about their children’s future after they’re gone. I am now at peace knowing I can leave the responsibility of my child in the hands of Balajothi. I thank Balajothi from the bottom of my heart.” –Thomas’ mother – A Mary


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