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Work will teach you how to do it! and it did, quite well too.


Arjun, an ordinary teenager, faced extraordinary battles in joyous years of youth. Exposed to never ending family tussles, running away from home seemed to be a better idea to him than ending up alone on rough streets of Mumbai. Poverty and misery soon saw him doing unimaginable things to survive hunger, from begging to rag-picking. The precious years of his youth kept wasting doing petty jobs on the streets of Mumbai.

Until, one fine day, SUPPORT, an organization working for rehabilitation and livelihood-support causes for lost and misguided youth, approached him and took over his case to rehabilitate him in the society as a functional and responsible citizen.

The rehabilitation program ensured that Arjun is able to survive the transformation and sustain the change. Post medical assessment, Arjun was placed in the Detoxification, Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Program (Welding Section) run by SUPPORT to develop skills that can enable him to secure livelihood opportunities. The program placed him with Star Engineering’ as a helper and proved to be successful in seeing through the change. Arjun progressed quite well and within 2 months he was able to shift from SUPPORT Half-Way home to a rented accommodation, he afforded by working in small mechanical engineering outlets and managed to save 15,000 Rs. He was ready to face his family as a man by now and re-united with his family happily.

*This project is a part of “Rehabilitation through vocational training of street youth in drug abuse and other risk behaving self alliance” program supported by Accenture India Pvt Ltd.


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