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Rahul – A Shining Beacon of Hope

Born with autism, Rahul was additionally diagnosed with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities. With 100% disability, an IQ of 13 Rahul, was abandoned by his mother and written off by doctors who proclaimed that his entire life would be spent in a vegetative state. Today Rahul is a medical marvel serving as an inspiration and a beacon of hope to millions out there and leaving the very doctors who gave up on him speechless!Appalled at the lack of options available for severely disabled children Rahul’s grandparents and father took up the challenge of rehabilitating Rahul, taking him under their care. They consistently facilitated multiple therapies for him including infant stimulation, home management, and early intervention therapies.

With regular physiotherapy and conditioning, Rahul showed tremendous progress. He started walking by the age of 10. He could now also perform several activities like playing the keyboard, working on the computer and using an iPad.

He developed a keen interest in music, downloading and listening to songs from the internet, hours at a stretch. Rahul’s father and grandparents worked hard to take care of his condition, helping him develop hand and eye coordination along with motor skills.

One of the most extraordinary developments has been Rahul’s skill with numbers. He can point out (using hands) answers to multiplication questions upto 600 numbers, a skill he has been demonstrating across various public forums and events. Rahul also received an award of Rs. 25,000 from the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri Siddaramaiah in July 2017 for his remarkable skills.

Rahul’s grandparents started the Balajyoti Centre for Rahul to begin with, but, his remarkable progress inspired them to open their doors for others. Today many children suffering from autism, cerebral palsy and mental retardation are undergoing therapy at the center in Hyderabad.

While Rahul’s case is a miracle in medical history and today at the age of 15, he is an inspiration and a role model to many disabled children and their families his is not the only special story coming out of Balajyoti centre. Many children at the centre have shown great improvement through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education, counselling, mobility aids, respite care and training in ‘Activities of Daily Living’ (ADL).

Rahul’s extraordinary courage, his rehabilitation and tremendous improvement today is possible because of the support and generosity of our donors and individuals. Let’s all make giving a part of everyday working life!

Balajothi Centre for the Disabled is a non-profit committed to serve the disabled and underprivileged, by providing rehabilitation, education / special education and vocational training to persons with all forms of physical and mental disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, speech impairment and multiple disabilities.

Balajothi Centre for the Disabled is supported in its efforts by the GAYE program at CAF India. It is because of the generous support of our donors who share a part of what they earn with the less fortunate that organizations like Balajothi is able to make such an impact in our communities.

To find out more about the NGO, visit www.balajothi.org


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