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Sanjeev (name changed) son of Shiv Shankar was brought to Central Jail III about five years ago. He was convicted of an attempt to murder under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He claimed that he was working as a security guard when a scuffle ensued with persons trying to break in. During the scuffle he was attacked by one of the assailants with a knife. In the scuffle he managed to snatch the knife from the attacker and the latter got superficial injuries. The police arrested Sanjeev under section 307 of IPC.

As Sanjeev had moved with his family to Delhi from Jharkhand in search of a job and had no support system in place, he availed of the free legal aid services provided by our NGO partner Aids Awareness Group (AAG).

Sanjeev was moved from one jail to another and was finally brought to Central Jail VII. He met his lawyer (provided by AAG) during his visits to this jail. The possibilities of getting bail came up.

AAG met and spoke to his wife who was ready to stand as surety. But she never came as she could not raise the bail amount. Seeing the financial condition of the family, the advocate changed the plea to release him on “Sentence undergone”

Sanjeev wife’s finally came to Delhi and went to court. The court passed an order in favour of Sanjeev. Today, Sanjeev is a free man living happily with his family.

OneStage supports The Aids Awareness Group (AAG). With an overall aim of contributing towards minimising the human suffering of prisoners staying in Tihar jail as well as the Rohini Prison complex in Delhi, AAG is today working with a group of dedicated lawyers who offer free legal aid in two jails (CJ III and CJ IV).

OneStage has been able to support AAG through the international grant being received from Give2Asia.

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