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Reviving Puttenahalli Lake

As reported by PNLIT (Network Partner of OneStage)

The restoration of Puttenahalli Lake is a remarkable success story of how community-driven initiatives, with support from organizations like OneStage, can create a significant impact on the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development. This project is an example of how corporate social responsibility can contribute to sustainable development by supporting initiatives that preserve natural resources and benefit local communities. The Puttenahalli Lake’s restoration is a breathtaking transformation, visually stunning, and has positive impacts on the environment and the local community. Neglect and exploitation had pushed the surrounding ecosystem towards collapse, and the restoration brought it back to life. The desilting and wetland reconstruction have not only improved the water quality but also have brought in new species of weeds, birds, and butterflies.

The lake now serves as a catchment for rainwater, reducing pollution in the surrounding areas and cooling the temperature. The lush vegetation surrounding the lake provides a green lung in the urban landscape. The walkway around the lake offers a safe and accessible space for people to engage in recreational activities and improve their physical and mental health.

OneStage’s support has played a significant role in the success of this project. The organization’s funding has enabled the restoration of the lake, which has brought about positive change in the environment sand the local community. The project is a testament to the power of collaboration between different stakeholders towards achieving a common goal. The tireless efforts of PNLIT, the funding from CISCO employee giving, and the invaluable support of OneStage have combined to bring about a transformational change in the local community.


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