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V. Sarada, a former student of Kalleda High School (Andhra Pradesh) dreamed of becoming a professional archer. She aspired to walk in the footprints of her idol, renowned archer, Dola Banerjee. Her dream was not an ordinary one, but she was determined to follow it. Her parents were both daily wage labourers, struggling to make both ends meet but they understood the power of education and enrolled Sarada and her brother in school.

Sarada was wary that her dream of becoming a professional archer may not materialise due to poor financial condition of her family. Poverty was a major hurdle in realizing her dream. Her parents realized Sarada’s passion for the game of bow & arrows. Sarada’s parents were very supportive of their daughter, but financial limitations was turning out to be a major hurdle. This was when OneStage stepped into lend a helping hand through one of its validated NGO, Rural Development Foundation (RDF). The implementing NGO partner ran a project called “Training Teachers and Educational Aids” with support from OneStage’s corporate partners Microsoft and D. E. Shaw & Co. Her school management also came forward and arranged for her coaching.

Sarada started her training when she was in seventh grade. Her dedication, rigorous practice sessions and commitment towards the sport brought her 8th position at national events in Delhi. Sarada has participated in a number of national and international events and has won multiple awards. She is an alumnus now and provides coaching to 25 students of her school in archery apart from practicing for future competitions. She says, “I am extremely grateful to RDF for supporting me and my school, as without their intervention she would not have achieved anything.” Through passion and determination she overcame her financial limitations and achieved her goal. She is now an inspiration for scores of girls attending Kalleda High School.

*Rural Development Foundation is a OneStage validated and supported NGO and is being aided by our corporate partners Microsoft India and D. E. Shaw & Company.


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