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‘I love going to school and look forward to the delicious meals’

Rudina and her siblings were abandoned by their father, when he realized he could not fend for them. They live with their mother, who struggles to make ends meet. Every day, after her mother leaves for work at the break of dawn, Rudina and her siblings walk to their school — Sakshi Centre – where a hot meal awaits them.


The availability of hot cooked meals at the centre motivates Rudina to come to school every day and concentrate on her studies. She hopes to become a doctor and help the poor by providing free treatment.
“The breakfast and lunch really helps me. My younger sister, brother and I come empty stomach, and when we reach school and get the meals, we no longer feel hungry. This has made school more enjoyable and I love to come to school every day,” says Rudina.
The project, powered by OneStage, Delhi Food Bank and Aon Consulting Pvt Ltd has several children like her fight hunger and concentrate on education.
No matter how little there is to eat at home, Rudina and her siblings are guaranteed a filling and nutritious meal daily at the centre. Their mother just has to arrange for the dinner. Rudina hopes to be a doctor, one day and help the poor by providing free treatment.

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