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Innovative teaching makes learning easy for shy Sabiya


For 8-year-old Sabiya Khatun, who attends a government school in Solgohalia village, West Bengal, English and Mathematics were subjects to fear. Despite her best efforts, she could not cope up with the academic curriculum of her class. Sabiya felt isolated, as she was finding it difficult to battle her learning disability. As a consequence, she started bunking school. Due to lack of income at home, her father, who is a fish seller in the local market, could not make her attend tuitions in the local area.
Recently, Sabiya enrolled at Canon supported NGO, Sabuj Sangha Resource Centre. The teachers at the Resource Centre have developed an innovative and engaging teaching model, to help children like Sabiya, who develop social stigma associated with their poor performance in the class. Teachers encourage children to overcome the perceived fear of poor performance in certain subjects.
After spending few months at the Resource Centre, Sabiya has shown a constructive change. She has become very attentive in the class and enjoys drawing, meditation and attending e-learning classes at the centre. Teachers at the centre believe, Sabiya will have a bright future.


Sabuj Sangha Resource Centre is a OneStage validated NGO aided by our corporate partner Canon through our workplace giving programme Give As You Earn.

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