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How Devesh’s determination transformed his Disability to Ability

Devesh has Autism – a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. He was part of Computer Training for Skills Development at Tamana, a OneStage partner.Devesh has always been passionate about learning new technologies and implementing them. He has never let his disability hamper his motivation and spirit. He started learning how to code in early 2016 when he was first introduced to the basics of HTML, a language used for developing websites. His passion to learn coding actually encouraged Tamanna, to introduce a Computer Training Course on HTML & CSS for Devesh and for other interested students at Tamana. As he completed his introductory course, Devesh also showed a keen interest in working on images, editing them & embedding them on his website. Considering his interest and work with these images, his instructor introduced him to Adobe Photoshop. Today, Devesh works and edits images on his Photoshop software for a New-Delhi based e-commerce company.


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