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Gentle Push Towards Better Health


Priya is eight years old and lives in Govindpuri slum of Kalkaji, New Delhi. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy disorder (CP spastic quadriplegia) when she was around three. The disorder affected her muscle tone, movement, and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated way), though she has control over her neck and trunk. Which is why, when she is made to sit, she can maintain the posture. As a child with limited mobility and accessibility, she cannot play with other children in her neighborhood.

OneStage through its NGO partner, ASTHA had donated a special chair, Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO) and gaiters to Priya. In addition, her mother has been trained to operate these aids. With regular use of AFO and gaiters, Priya’s ankles and knees are being stretched, which is essential for reducing spasticity in these joints. The special chair has enabled her mother to place the child in correct posture while feeding her. Correct posture reduces strain on the mother as well as the child. Besides this, members of the ASTHA staff visit the family twice a week to demonstrate exercises that will benefit the little girl. Priya’s mother is very happy to see that her child concentrating on sitting in the correct position and not idle like before.

Moreover, through the Amazon Gift a Smile programme, Priya has received a beautiful set of Skill of Fun junior building blocks donated by an unknown friend. Although Priya can’t speak, yet her eyes and hand movements show spontaneity in identifying different colours and shapes in the number puzzle. She has a priceless smile on her face as she solves the puzzle for hours.

This unique in kind online gift programme is a partnership between Amazon India, OneStage and NGO partners from several states to ensure that a large number of gift items reach the underprivileged sections of society, with special focus on children and women.


* This project is a part of ‘Gift a Smile’ programme supported by Amazon India


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