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From Passive to Participative- The story of Akshara


Akshara Akkute was a very quiet student. She was non participative and passive during most of the discussions that were held in the class. It was often observed that even when she knew the correct answers she would hardly respond. She spent most of her time alone and did not mingle with her classmates.

Taking a note of her recluse behavior her class teacher suggested counselling sessions for Akshara to build upon her socio-emotional skills. In order to provide for the counselling sessions, the school authorities got in touch with local NGO Akansksha Foundation which is a CAF validated NGO.

In order to support Akshara, Aon came on board through our employee giving programme – Give As You Earn to bear the counselling costs. Akshara was offered regular counselling sessions to help her socio-emotional development. Following regular therapy, she started communicating with her peers and actively participating in the discussions that were held in her class. After a few meetings with Akshara, the counsellor learnt that she witnessed constant conflicts and issues between her mother and father and was traumatised by the atmosphere at home. The counsellor started actively working on Akshara’s problems with support from her mother. She suggested strategies to her mother which helped her become more socio-emotionally responsive.

Following a few counselling sessions, Akshara was more prompt and participative in class. She started talking to her classmates and mingling with them during school hours. The team is now hoping that soon Akshara will not need any more counselling sessions and be more active in school.

Akanksha Foundation is a OneStage validated and supported NGO aided by our corporate partner Aon India under our employee giving programme Give As You Earn.


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