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Crossing the hurdles towards a healthy life


Absence of parents’ love and support deeply hampers a child’s physiological as well psychological development. 10-year-old Anu* was brought at the Salaam Balak Trust girl residential centre by the child welfare committee. She was disoriented and failed to give any information about herself or her whereabouts. She had frequent bouts of seizure and exhibited serious psychological clinical symptoms such as hyperactivity, irritable mood and impulsivity. She also faced considerable difficulty in talking and understanding the language and used to get extremely agitated on trivial issues.

The counsellor at the centre used play-way methods to build rapport with her and examine her psychological state which indicated significant development gaps and delays. She was referred to a child psychiatrist who prescribed medication to control and reduce her hyperactivity and seizures. Regular counselling by the in-house counsellor helped Anu to a great extent. She started gaining control over her motor skills and noticeable improvement in her peer interaction was observed. Now, she often maintains eye contact with people around and has learnt few Hindi sentences also.

Through the CSR support, extensive support was provided to her to build her confidence and improve her ability to trust. She will be soon starting her session in a private institution named “Children First’ where the focus would be on bringing a positive change in her overall development.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the child.

Through our CSR programme Aon employees supports Salaam Balak Trust


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