With a refreshed identity, here’s a look at what we do as OneStage.

Since the beginning of the year, it’s been an incredibly exciting time for us. We’ve been double checking our account slips, refreshing office art, and reminding those who say, “This is Charities Aid Foundation...” that we’re OneStage!

However, our pivot from Charities Aid Foundation India to OneStage is more than just a name change.

It is a pivot towards greater social impact that evokes the joy of creating a more equal humanity.

Our legacy

OneStage started as Charities Aid Foundation India in 1998. We built expertise in providing strategic advisory and management support to corporates, foundations, and individuals to create an ecosystem of giving in the country.

Over the years, we formed pan-India partnerships, especially with non-profits. Our programs had a growing focus in education, early childhood development (ECD), health & hygiene, climate action, and jobs, skills, & livelihoods.

Over the years, we formed pan-India partnerships with a growing focus in education, early childhood development (ECD), health & hygiene, climate action, and jobs, skills, & livelihoods.

As we co-created programs and developed in-house domain expertise, we kickstarted flagship social change programs in menstrual health, climate action, and ECD based on a Lab approach – iterative, experimental, and evidence-based to prototype and refine solutions.

Our inclination, reach, and ability to bring in different stakeholders into one platform grew. Together, we could drive change in lesser-known geographies, for vulnerable communities, and across intersectionalities like gender. It made sense that we adopt a new identity, one that reflects and anchors us in our strong social purpose.

And that’s when we became OneStage. While we remain experts in providing advisory and management support to funders, our new identity also reflects the shift in our gaze – and therefore, of our extended network – from the giver to the grassroots.

Our new brand signifies true alignment between multiple stakeholders: one wavelength, one platform, one stage. It depicts the final outcome of our intervention: equity.

Three human figurines, of different heights, are brought to the same level: each enabled with the specific resources required to attain that level. Our brand line ‘Everyone deserves equal’ reiterates what we hold sacrosanct.

Our approach

At OneStage, we bring together the corporate sector, philanthropic foundations, government, social sector and community to take collaborative action. There are three pathways through which we make this possible:

The three pathways in our approach to enabling collaborative action.

Mobilize funding

We mobilize financial resources to support initiatives that address inequalities. We recognize that each type of funding, short-term or long-term, for immediate relief or institution-building, has its place.

As an experienced enabling organization providing advisory, consulting and programme implementation services, we help capital meet impact by aligning funders with causes that deserve their attention.

Right to Access Sustainable Menstruation (RASM)

Create evidence

We generate insights on giving and complex social challenges through research and end-to-end impact & monitoring. The evidence demonstrates tangible outcomes of our initiatives and serves as a foundation for informed decision-making in the sector.

Based on a labs approach, we implement flagship programs that demonstrate process and institutional results. These programmes run in-situ, take local contexts into consideration, and engage system actors at each level.

Story in focus: Providing and Augmenting Natural-resource based Interventions (PANI)

Form alliances

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We build alliances with organizations, governments, experts, and communities to co-create programs, amplify impact and create a network that is resilient, supportive, and committed to shared goals.

Story in focus: Community-Driven Transition to Green Economy

After a 25-year-old legacy of making giving count in India, we are privileged to engage as a platform for collaborative action to addresses inequalities. Join us to build a more diverse, inclusive, and gender equal society, because everyone deserves equal.


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