Taking forward our mandate to mobilize resources for community development and engage meaningful dialogue over social issues, CAF India has partnered with Coca Cola – NDTV initiated ‘Support My School Campaign’ from 2010 to 2014. The campaign is designed to intervene on the poor conditions of schools in India, including lack of water, poor sanitation (toilet facilities) and hygiene, ill-equipped sports infrastructure and landscaping. The overriding goal of the campaign was to ensure that schools have affordable access to water and sanitation facilities which will catalyze improvements in child health, learning achievement, and productivity, especially that of the girl child. CAF India as the managing partner of this campaign has successfully worked with donors and institutional partners to bring a marked change in the lives of 75,000 school children in 13 states.

Quality education and comprehensive development of students is the central idea behind the ‘Support My School’ campaign. Safe drinking water and sanitation infrastructure, rain water harvesting facilities and sports & library facilities have proven to be powerful incentives to stimulate holistic development of students. Increased enrollment and frequent absenteeism noted among adolescent students, especially girls, before the provision of these very basic amenities, reflect that these elements can not be compromised if we wish to see the change. As the campaign progresses into Season 3, we are committed to carry forward the experiences we gathered on ground to establish robust platforms for students to develop and ensure the transformation is sustained. CAF India is proud to be the partners-in-change for ‘Support My School’ campaign and looks forward for another year of changing Indian schools for good.


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