OneStage has always proactively supported its corporate partners by facilitating CSR initiatives and philanthropy. We have effectively managed several CSR initiatives over the last 15 years. The Companies Act 2013 has changed the CSR scenario in India. To meet the requirements emerging out of this new law, OneStage has strengthened the scope of its CSR support framework. In addition, we have also set up a dedicated advisory team to facilitate high-end support. This new team offers end-to-end solutions in building CSR policies/strategies, setting-up foundations, managing programs, campaigns, communications, events, and employee/volunteer engagement activities.


CSR Policy & Strategy Development

  • Development of policy Framework
  • Identifying areas to integrate CSR into the business practice

Program Development

  • Baseline study/Needs assessment
  • Program design and management
  • Due dilligence
  • Capacity building of NGOs

Program Delivery

  • Grant management
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Impact assessment
  • Audit

Employee/ Volunteer Engagement

  • Mapping volunteers’ interest and skills
  • Making the most of your company’s assets through skilled volunteering

Communication & Visibility

  • Creative campaigns /Events
  • Branding & strategic communication and visibility
  • Developing success stories/case studies
  • Networking platform

OneStage’s partners celebrated the day with high spirits and organized various activities for children.

Book exhibition fair by READ India on Children’s Day.

Read India organized a book exhibition fair to inculcate reading hobbies among children and also organized drawing, story telling and Origami activities for children.

Children Rally by Tropical Health Foundation of India (THFI)

A children’s rally was organized by the Tropical health Foundation of India and distributed gifts on the day.

Sing & Dance by Sphoorti

Sphoorti organized painting, singing & dancing competitions for children and concluded the event by distributing gifts and chocolates.

Sports Day celebrations by Action for Autism

aAction for Autism (ATA) scheduled sports activities including relay race, catch and throw activities followed by speech on Chacha Nehru by students.


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