Manvi Bisla, a Grade 10 student of GD Goenka Global School, NOIDA, has successfully raised Rs. 52,000/- to support OneStage’s COVID relief campaign. In an interview with Vani Nigam, Manvi talks about her achievement and vision.

1) How would you describe yourself? What are the kinds of things that interest you?

Answer: I believe that I have always been kind, generous, considerate and compassionate. I enjoy reading and engaging in school-related activities. This fundraiser is the first philanthropic initiative I undertook. I plan to engage in more philanthropic pursuits in the future as well.

2) What encouraged you to raise funds for OneStage’s COVID-19 Campaign?

Answer: During the month of April, I became a witness to the horrifying impact of the second wave of COVID-19. I was deeply moved by the plight of people who were suffering and perishing. This ignited in my heart the desire to make a substantial contribution. Moreover, I was inspired by the heroism of our frontline workers, the relentless efforts of the media to keep the citizens informed along with, the priceless contributions made by individuals providing grief-stricken families all the necessary support in performing the final rites of the family members who succumbed to COVID-19. I construe all of these people as heroes, just like the soldiers guarding our borders.

3) How did you raise the funds?

Answer: I undertook such an initiative for the first time. I conducted this fundraiser on Milaap. I got to know about Milaap from a friend. I created an account on Milaap and post a discussion with my father I decided to partner with OneStage. My father works at Accenture and he was aware of OneStage’s worldwide presence for Accenture is one of the partners of OneStage. When I heard about OneStage and the initiatives they have been undertaking, I thought that a non-profit organisation like OneStage would be a good partner for this fundraiser. Owing to OneStage’s worldwide presence and its engagement with several multinational companies, I could easily trust OneStage with this fundraiser.

4) Did you face any challenges while attempting to raise funds for OneStage’s COVID-19 Campaign?

Answer: I did not face any challenges as such. I was able to accomplish my goal in a short span of time. When I reached out to the potential donors, they appreciated my efforts and donated generously. But, I do believe that one might face certain challenges while raising funds for any noble cause. Philanthropy is a matter of choice and hence, one might have apprehensions about achieving their goal in a timely manner, while raising funds for humanitarian aid.

5) How did you dispel the doubts and address the concerns of your potential donors concerning the fundraiser?

Answer: I clarified all doubts about the organisation I decided to partner with. I reassured them by telling them about OneStage’s worldwide presence and the initiatives they have successfully undertaken. It is one of the best and most credible non-profits in India. I had never thought that I would be able to accomplish my goal in such a short span of time. I simply wanted to make an effort. I am extremely thankful to all of the people, who came forward and donated generously. I am also thankful to OneStage, my class teacher and the director of my school for their invaluable support.

6) How did you promote this fundraiser?

Answer: I promoted this fundraiser via the optimal use of Social Media platforms. I shared it on Whatsapp and my mother shared information about my fundraiser on Facebook.

7) What kind of an impact do you envision this fundraiser to have?

Answer: I hope that OneStage utilizes the sum I have raised to provide COVID-19 affected families access to basic amenities like food and medication.

8) Would you like to undertake such initiatives and organise fundraisers in future as well?

Answer: Yes, I am hoping to undertake more philanthropic initiatives in the future as well.

9) Are your friends and teachers aware of the initiative you took? Have they ever engaged in raising funds for any cause?

Answer: Yes, my friends and teachers are aware of the initiative I undertook. They wholeheartedly supported my campaign. My school recognised my efforts by showcasing my fundraiser on their website and Facebook page. The director of my school donated to my campaign on behalf of the entire School. I don’t have a clear idea about their engagement in other fundraising initiatives.

10) Do you have any message for our readers?

Answer: Yes. I believe that we must all engage in philanthropy at least once in our lifetime. Some of us are better placed than others and hence, we are morally obliged to help the vulnerable and needy.


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