Childhood is the most fearless, creative and curious of all ages and thus works as the foundation in our lives. It is thus imperative that it is prospered through genuine efforts with right guidance, resources and direction. Children’s Day is a festive reminder for everyone to recognize the delicate yet reasonable sentiments of children and work their bit towards developing and preserving their physical, mental and emotional strengths. OneStage is thankful to all the corporate and NGO partners working for the noble cause of childhood development and protection, for their relentless support to improve children’s over all well being.

OneStage’s partners celebrated the day with high spirits and organized various activities for children.

Book exhibition fair by READ India on Children’s Day.

Read India organized a book exhibition fair to inculcate reading hobbies among children and also organized drawing, story telling and Origami activities for children.

Children Rally by Tropical Health Foundation of India (THFI)

A children’s rally was organized by the Tropical health Foundation of India and distributed gifts on the day.

Sing & Dance by Sphoorti

Sphoorti organized painting, singing & dancing competitions for children and concluded the event by distributing gifts and chocolates.

Sports Day celebrations by Action for Autism

aAction for Autism (ATA) scheduled sports activities including relay race, catch and throw activities followed by speech on Chacha Nehru by students.


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