OneStage is delighted to launch Conversation, the online blogging platform to engage with the digital community more effectively. For long, we have felt the need for an online space that people find stimulating and reciprocating to carry on the dialogue around various initiatives and programs, adopted by OneStage.

Conversation is the voice of OneStage and its stakeholders committed to improving lives of millions of unprivileged fellow Indians through organized giving. Conversation will allow first hand narratives of on-the-ground or behind-the-desk experiences of people working tirelessly to facilitate developmental programs. In OneStage’s communications ecosystem, Conversation exists as an easy, user-friendly and accessible window to gain insights around the OneStage’s missions, strategies and influences to promote giving among individual, institutional and corporate donors. We would like to see Conversation grow and evolve as an engaging and inspiring communication platform for everyone connected and committed to the idea of giving and sharing.


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