Inspiring case stories are always looked upon with proud and satisfaction and something I always cherish to share.

I would like to share one such heart touching story of Asma, a woman who conquered over personal battles and turned around her life with determination.

Marriage is the journey of togetherness, but for Asma, it brought upon loneliness. Married to a small grocery store vendor, Asma was a responsible wife, mother and daughter-in-law. But it wasn’t enough. Demands for more dowry from her in-laws disrupted the peace and happiness and daily disputes & fights over petty issues brought over physical and mental abuse. Soon, she was on road as her family shown her the doors and shut her down from their lives.

Confused and dejected Asma found solace in comforting company of her mother. While she continued living the only life she knew, opportunities found knocking the door. Mahita, an NGO working for livelihood support causes, encouraged her to enrol in the vocational course and earn the right to take care of herself and her daughters.

Asma learnt tailoring from Mahita and in no time began earning. To beat dependent and burdened life, she further enrolled in the advnce tailoring course and now wants to pursue career in fashion designing. Today, she can successfully manage paying bills and provide for food and education for her daughters.

“I can’t forget the day when ‘Mahita’ workers knocked my doors and shown me the way to live the life with dignity. I hope many more women find my journey inspiring to put their past behind and look forward to future of opportunities and respect.”

This case story about a woman finding her identity is filled up with little episodes of encouragement, hope and most importantly right guidance and resources. All of it is made possible by support pillars laid down on the road to real community development.

OneStage and all stakeholders who work behind the scenes while the change happens on the ground, are invisible heroes that our nation need desperately. OneStage will continue to channelize this form of support to those who need it.


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