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Saloni, Female (5 years)

Sakshi had an ordeal upbringing as her father is mentally disturbed and is currently unemployed. Due to no family earnings, her mom had to request money from her grandmother for survival. Considering the poor living conditions of the family her mother migrated alone and found work in Gurugram. But because she was missing her children’s love and affection, she brought in her all children and they stayed together. However due to busy work timings, her children had to stay at home and were devoid of any form of education. Our team got in touch with her mother and informed her about the provision of Crèche and NFE. Such information came as a ray of hope in time of despair as this would not only provide safety and security for the children but also education and food.


Sakshi’s mother narrates, “I had heard of miracles and I experienced one. When I heard of the centre where my children can not only receive education but also food, safety and extra-curricular learning. I could see a ray of hope. Now I am able to focus on my work without any worry. I have put all my trust on the teachers who are taking care of my children and teaching them well through various teaching-learning materials. Now my children when they come home they prepare drawings, some crafts from mud, waste material etc. I am happy to see them learning new things. I am hopeful that they would soon get admission in Govt. school. I want to thank all those who are thinking about people like us and make arrangements and provisions”.

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