As part of the COVID-19 outbreak response, OneStage has initiated several partnership campaigns with corporates to fight against the virus spread in India. Donations received towards this cause is utilized to provide over 70,000 N-95 masks to Health Departments of Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. With the support of our credible NGO partners, we are also supporting poor migrant workers who have returned to their villages and are in urgent need of food items, quarantine facilities and awareness generation activities in states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. We also provided police personnel with hygiene kits to keep them safe while they deliver their duties on ground in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Around 2033 kits (ration + preventive) were distributed to daily wage workers running out of food in the states of Gujarat and Haryana. Since the slum population is suffering due to loss of livelihoods, we are also planning to distribute dry ration in JJ colonies of Delhi and support sanitation workers by providing preventive kits. Catalysing COVID-19 free COMMUNITIES, Download report here