An overview of Charitable Giving in India


The India Giving report is the third edition of the unique collection of International series of country reports produced across the CAF Global Alliance, a world-leading network of organisations working at the forefront of philanthropy and civil society.

The report examines giving trends in India: why and how people of different ages and social groups give in India; the way they give and who they give to, and help us gain a better understanding of people’s participation in social and civic activities beyond financial donations and volunteering. It is based on data collection by youGov between 13th August and 27th August 2019.

Key findings:

More than eight in ten (84%) people took part in at least one charitable activity in the past 12 months, in line with 2018 (82%) but lower than in 2017 (87%). Around three quarters (77%) of people gave money in the past 12 months, either by donating to an NPO/charitable organisation (charity), by giving to a religious organisation or by sponsoring someone.

The most popular causes for donation remain the same as previous years: helping the poor (54%), supporting religious organisations (51%) and supporting children (49%).

The typical (median) amount donated or sponsored in the last 12 months has remained consistent since 2017 at 5,000 rupees.

Whilst cash remains the most common way to donate (58% of donors), its prevalence has declined since 2018 (68%). Over the same period, giving via a digital wallet has grown more commonplace (from 20% to 28% of donors).

More than half of people (54%) have volunteered in the past 12 months. Whilst the most popular causes have remained the same since 2018, there has been an increase in volunteering for disaster relief (27% vs 15% in 2018).

Overall, Indians agree that charities have a positive impact in their community (80%), their country (80%) and internationally (70%). More than half (56%) agree that most international charities and non-profits are trustworthy, whilst just under half (48%) feel the same about Indian charities.

Nearly eight in ten (78%) think that businesses should support the communities in which they operate and seven in ten (70%) would be more inclined to buy a product or service from a business that donates to charitable causes or supports their local community.

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